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Bert Pope loves helping people with their real estate needs which is why he's been in the industry for more than 20 years. With his years of experience, he can provide buyers with unique insights - he notices things others do not. Sometimes it is as simple as the building materials and time of construction that alert him to potential problems. If you're looking to sell, his goal is to get your home maximum exposure to the market as quickly as possible to sell your home fast!

Licensed Since: 1989

Areas I Specialize in: Northeast Tallahassee

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Johnny Portillo is passionate about helping others achieve their real estate goals. When it comes to finding the right place to call home, Johnny knows the Tallahassee area inside and out, and can help you find the perfect fit. When it's time to sell, Johnny will ensure that everything is taken care of from start to finish. He's quick to respond to any questions you may have and looks forward to making your home buying or selling transaction a wonderful experience.

Licensed Since: 2012

Areas I Specialize in: Tallahassee, Monticello, Quincy, and Crawfordville

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I am a full time residential REALTOR. I can help you with buying or selling any kind of residential real estate. Whether buying or selling, I take the time to educate my clients about the market so they can understand what they need to do to get the most money for their home in the shortest amount of time (if selling) or how to find the best property that fits their needs (if buying). I also assist my clients through out the entire real estate transaction to make sure their real estate buying or selling experience is a smooth one. My knowledge of our local real estate market, my experience in the business, my education, more

Licensed Since: 2006

Areas I Specialize in: I am familiar with Tallahassee and all of Leon County as well as surrounding counties including, Gadsden, Wakulla and Jefferson County.

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