Create a profile for free. You'll only pay if you receive a lead.

We'll charge a flat fee only when you receive a real lead. A human being reviews and validates every lead sent to you, and if we're unsure a lead is legit we'll send it your way at no cost.

Get a better picture of your lead

When a lead comes in, our automated system goes to work checking the data against social media profiles and data from the web to give you more insight into the person you'll be contacting.

Fair, flat per-lead pricing

When a buyer or seller contacts you, you'll pay a flat fee and nothing more. There's no contract, no hidden costs, and you can cancel any time you want. That's it.


Direct Leads

If a buyer or seller selects your profile directly and contacts you, you'll receive a direct lead.


Buyer Leads

If we match a buyer with your profile and they contact you, you'll receive a buyer lead.


Seller Leads

If we match a seller (or someone buying and selling) with you, it's a seller lead.

We've connected thousands of buyers and sellers with top agents

Other sites focus on houses. I really like that visitors on 32Best are looking for an agent; they’re serious, and they want someone to help them through the process.

- Rhonda Lyles, Knoxville