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How do you choose the agents listed on 32Best?

Any real estate agent in a market can create a profile on 32Best and submit background information on their experience, sales history, customer engagement, location and more. We use this data to match buyers and sellers with agents. Visitors can also select an agent from the list directly.

What if my profile isn't listed?

We try to identify agents in each market, but we do miss some. If your name isn't listed on 32Best, you can sign up and create a profile directly any time.

Do you evaluate sales data?

Yep. Agents submit their past year transaction totals as part of our evaluation and we include this data when matching visitors with agents.

How do buyers and sellers find 32Best?

We receive thousands of visitors each month searching for terms like "Best Real Estate Agents Indianapolis". It's also increasingly common for clients to check the reviews and background of agents they're considering working with and we receive a significant amount of traffic directly to agent profile pages. Additionally, we advertise on the major search engines and social networks to build interest.

Why does my market have more/less than 32 agents?

To keep information overload at a minimum for our visitors, we only allow up to 32 agents in each city to create a profile. Some markets have less than 32, but no market should have more than 32 active profiles.

Do I have to pay for 32Best?

It's free to create a profile. If you receive a lead, you'll pay a flat per-lead fee -- you'll never pay anything unless you receive a lead. A human being reviews every lead to ensure it's legitimate; if we're unable to verify the legitimacy, we'll send it to you for free. Direct leads start at $29 each. Read more about pricing.

How is 32Best different from other advertising methods?

Buyers and sellers come to 32Best looking for agents -- not properties. Because visitors select an agent and contact them directly, the leads we send to agents are much more targeted than other sites.

Is there any commitment if I claim my profile?

Nope. There are no contracts, no commitments, and no hidden fees. You can also cancel any time, no questions asked, just by logging into your profile and visiting the account menu.